Blog post 12- Health & safety & permissions

Some of the locations for my movie could be dangerous for example in the studio there is a lot of big items such as lights hanging from the roof. If someone walked into this it would hurt a lot and could injure someone. The way we could prevent this from hurting anyone is to tell people where it is and perhaps move the items out of the way if possible. If necessary i’ll make sure people don’t walk near where the . Another safety is the roads. Some of my recordings are shot on roads or streets. Most of the road or streets are dangerous because of the cars that are going past. One way the danger can be prevented is that we can put signs up to say we are record and if you could go slower it would be appreciated. Another way is that we could have someone on watch to tell everyone if a car is coming or not. This will make working on the film a lot safer. For any other problems that will show its self I will make sure that it is prevented so no one will get hurt.


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