Blog post 9 (Storyboard and synopsis)

In the year 2017! The world was turned in to a zombie-infected world! People were no longer fighting for any kind of rights but are fighting for survival. The main characters are Christian, Daniel and Jack. They teach the other people how to survive in a sense of learning to parkour, searching for new people and items to use, searching for food and water and also learning to create traps. A horde is alerted and follows a member of the group back to the den and start rushing it forcing the group to leave and make their way to a new den. People die on the way and an emotional roller coaster is created. Some members contemplate whether they want to carry on with the journey or just give up and die. On the way they create mini dens and mini traps. The new people need to learn quickly to survive because this is the closest to death they have ever been before. The friendship between all the characters get stronger and they become more of a team. The leaders come up with strategical ideas to try and get the safest way there. They come to a realisation that they need a distraction to get pasted all the zombies in the way. Christian takes the distraction as he says he is the most experienced one there. They soon manage to get to the den however there is no sighting of Christian. DSC_0003 2.JPG


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