Blog post 11 (Basic script and shooting schedule)

Shooting schedule will be Monday 9-12 shooting. Then 2-hour rest time. 2-5 shooting time.  Tuesday is break. Wednesday is 9-12 shooting, then 2-hour break then 2-5 shooting time. Thursday is 9-12 recording time. After that 2-hour break then 2-5 shooting time. Friday is 9-11 shooting time, then 1hour and 30 minutes’ break. After that 12:30-3 shooting time. Saturday is break, Sunday is break.


Basic script- the scene where one person is down on the wall dying from a bite while zombies are slowly coming.


Jessica ‘‘you can make it!! Just keep breathing’’

David ‘’Leave me, I know I won’t make it. Save yourself!’’

Jessica ‘’No! I won’t leave you alone.’’

David ‘’Please, save yourself. For me.’’

Jessica ‘’No! I won’t do it, we both can survive!’’

David ‘’Chris come and take Jessica away for her safety’’

Chris ‘‘you sure you want me to do that? I will if you do for sure’’

Jessica ‘’No! You won’t take me away, you can’t do that!’’

David ‘’Yes I do Chris. Please do this as a favour’’

Chris ‘’Alright David, I will’’

-Chris walks towards Jessica and puts her on his shoulder-

Jessica ‘‘let me go!’’ She says in tears

David ‘’Jessica it’s for the best! Thank you Chris’’

Chris ’’It was for you man. I’ll keep her safe also don’t you worry’’

Everyone apart from David start walking out of the ally way.

Jessica starts trying to escape while screaming ‘’let me go!!’’

Chris gets a tighter grip and says ‘‘don’t scream anymore. You’ll attract zombies’’

Jessica realizes she won’t be able to go back so she says goodbye to David.


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