Blog post 10 (Location explained and include photographs)

DSC_0002.JPGDSC_0003.JPGThis is one of their mini hideouts inside of their big hideout. I managed to take this picture inside the sports hall. I took 2 to show you the metal ladders and the protection you have when climbing up them and to show you the room up their they have. dsc_0005This picture is taken in the studio room. This is a green screen so if we need to add any effects we can quite easily. DSC_0011.JPGThis picture was taken near farm foods. This is a good location to show the city has been abandoned so not many things are clean. This is also a building they parkour across.DSC_0012.JPGThis was behind farm food. This location is for another part of parkour. It’s not clean because it is abandoned and they only use it for transport. They fortified it a bit as this is a good transport building so if the zombies try to get up certain parts they get stabbed. DSC_0014.JPGThis is also behind farm foods and is used as a transporting building,. Not only that but they use the building to see where zombies are located so they know where to move without being spotted.DSC_0006.JPGThis is the building they are stay in. It is taken at a side angle. I took this picture outside. It’s Henley College building.


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