Blog post 8 (Letter & Video Pitch)

Letter for my film idea
Pentagon Studios
Henley college road
Henley College


Dear Sir or Madam,

Hello, my name is Christian Elliott and I work with Pentagon studios. I’m the producer of my film that I’m going to present to you. I star in it as one of the main actor. The main characters within my film are Christian – Teenager that lives in Coventry. The sports he likes are Football, Basketball, American football, Table tennis and Tennis. He likes playing games (Pc, Xbox, Ps). He also likes playing instruments. Jack – Teenager that lives in Coventry. The sports he likes are Football, Table tennis, Tennis and ice hockey. He likes playing games (Pc, Xbox, Ps); He also likes listening to music. He likes playing bass. Daniel – Teenager that lives in Coventry. The sports he likes are Football, Table tennis, Basketball, and Tennis. He likes watching anime and loves playing instruments. He also listens to music. He likes playing games (Pc, Xbox, Ps). Meredith – Teenager that lives in Virginia. The sports she likes are American Football, Basket. She likes singing and playing instruments. Shay – Teenager that lives in Bedworth. The sport he likes is Basketball and Football. He likes watching anime and enjoys drawing. He likes playing games. Kurt – Teenager that lives in Coventry. He likes watching anime. He also likes listening to music and playing games (Pc, Xbox, Ps). Jessica – Teenager that lives in Coventry. The sports she likes are Basketball, American football, Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Tennis. She loves singing, dancing and playing instruments. She also enjoys playing games (Pc, Xbox, Ps).

A synopsis of the film would be in the year 2017! The world was turned in to a zombie-infected world! People were no longer fighting for any kind of rights but are fighting for survival. A couple of the main characters are Christian, Daniel and Jack. They teach the other people how to survive in a sense of learning to Parkour, searching for new people and items to use, searching for food and water and also learning to create traps. A horde is alerted and follows a member of the group back to the den and start rushing it forcing the group to leave and make there way to a new den. People die on the way and an emotional roller coaster is created. Some members contemplate whether they want to carry on with the journey or just give up and die. On the way they create mini dens and mini traps. The new people need to learn quickly to survive because this is the closest to death they have ever been before. The friendship between all the characters get stronger and they become more of a team. The leaders come up with strategic ideas to try and get the safest way there. They come to a realization that they need a distraction to get pasted all the zombies in the way. Christian takes the distraction as he says he is the most experienced one there. They soon manage to get to the den however there is no sighting of Christian.

The film is called Living day and my target audience is 14+ and the genre of it is an action adventure.

The demographics of the focus group were 11 males and 1 female. They were aged between 16-18. I learnt that I needed to add more detail to the characters background, which I have done. By taking in the other information from my focus group I feel like I have improved my film idea and can improve it even more if it needs to be improved which I don’t think is necessary. I have done other research such as finding out what certain people like in movies on the Internet by looking at the reviews, likes, dislikes and more on movies.

I feel you should invest in my film idea because you will make a lot more money, as it is not that expensive to get everything together. The props we need are not too expensive. People I have told my film idea about love my film already and they want it to be out which is a fantastic sign of it selling. I’ve had a lot of time on the Internet looking at popular films seeing what’s good about them and adding them to mine. I have a lot of awesome film ideas within it from popular films which means it will sell. We can have someone famous in he film to not only grab their audience but also promote it and get their friends to promote it. There are not many good films out like this so if we release this kind of film so many people will buy it and keep buying it. We could also make a sequel to it to make even more money. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make a lot of money and the reputation of your business will massively get boosted up, as it will be successful.

My production company’s name is pentagon studios and we would be happy to work with you as we both with have benefits. I hope you take this into consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Christian Elliott

This is a link to my video pitch:

This is my letter also but this is presented as a letter. letter

My communication skills

When talking in the video pitch I tried to make myself sound as clear as possible. By doing so the people listening can understand me perfectly fine and understand what I want to say. Along with being clear I was also making sure not to mumble so they could also understand me clearly. Without mumbling it showed that I knew what I was talking about. I also didn’t look down much and kept eye contact with the camera to show that I was focused and I knew a lot of what I was already going to say. I used hand gestures to show my confidence and to explain what I was saying. When speaking to the camera I thought that I would be persuasive so the people listening could take my idea seriously. When speaking I also was speaking calmly because I knew what I wanted to say and how to say it, I wasn’t speaking fast either so other people could understand me.

When writing my letter I took plenty of communication skill into consideration, for example, I decided to take a formal approach so whoever decides to read this can understand it easily. I also wanted to be a little straight forward so they knew a bit of what I wanted from the beginning. When writing my letter I also wanted to be persuasive, I used specialist language throughout to help get my point across to give me a better chance of being picked. I also tried to write in a professional style so people that read it would feel it’s something I am taking very seriously.



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