Post 7 (Logistics)


The film idea that I am going though with is Living Day. This is the film that includes Parkour, Parkouring Zombies and Surviving.  A quick description of the film is my pitch and plan is an action film involving Parkour and zombies. This is a zombie infested world where people Parkour and fight for survival. Certain people try to train other people to survive. The location I have in mind for my film is a deserted city. The blood-thirsty zombies have been killing off the people. People have set traps up for the zombies all around the city where they can get them trapped and possibly kill them. Most of the remaining survivors have a den where they all live and it is pretty safe until it gets breached and they have to Parkour to their backup den which is quite a distance from where they are now. A couple people die on the way to the new den and for some people it becomes an emotional roller coaster, some people feel like they don’t even want to travel anymore. The genre of my film Sci-fi, Action and adventure.

One of the things I need to consider when creating my film is the logistics. The definition of logistic is:

“The process of planning and organizing to make sure that resources are in the places where they are needed, so that an activity or process happens effectively’’. The original website I got it from was (Cambridge dictionary). The logistics I used had been I had to think of the original location of where it would be set. I would need a good set location because what’s the point filming a film if the location does not suit the film. I had a couple of ideas while thinking about it. They were Coventry town and Holbrook’s. I feel like theses are good locations to make my film in as they have many spots, which look abandoned, looks dirty, and many spots where you can do Parkour. I wouldn’t really have to ask for permissions unless I want to film it in a private area. Once thinking about locations my immediate thought went to who would star in them. To keep a low budget I would ask my friends if they would like to star in it in which they would. I would also star in my film, so then I don’t have to pay for actors. I also had to think of how I would what cameras I would use and what I would use to edit them. Lucky for me I am a student at Henley College, which means they can lend me a camera. They also have software that will allow me to edit for my movie. This is good because that means I don’t have to spend money like big filmmakers in Hollywood.

The definition of Resource is ‘’a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively’’.  I got this definition off of this website (Oxford dictionary). The resources I had to think about and do was what camera I need and the software I need to edit the film and clips. Fortunately for me the college could provide this for me so I didn’t have to spend any money at all which is good because I don’t have a big budget like most Film producers in Hollywood. The college also provides a lot more things for me for free, which I need, such as green screen, studio, lights and tripod. This is great as it saves me a lot of money.  Because I have these things that the college provide I can make my film a lot better, I can make it look more professional. Some resources I need is music. I need to make sure it is not copyrighted so I can keep it and if it is some ones music I can have permission to use it.

I will also need to collect costumes and props on the way, it’s a good job my film doesn’t involve a lot of props or costumes. All I need is paint and some ripped clothing, ripped sheets and wire. This will not cost a lot, which is fantastic. I’ll need actors, which I’ll just ask my friends to star in for free. I won’t have spend 1000’s and 1000’s of pounds on actors like Hollywood people would do.

The definitions of Cost (of an object or action) require the payment of (a specified sum of money) before it can be acquired or done. I got the definition of this website (Oxford dictionary).  The cost I had to think about and do was a lot. I needed to think about the bus costs of when we would be travelling. To get to destination-to-destination we need transport and the bus is a great way. Another thing I need to think is the props and costumes I’ll be using. Lucky of me I don’t use that many props or costumes. Most of the characters can wear their own clothes for when it comes to costume however the zombies will have to have ripped clothes which will cost a little money but not too much and they will also need paint. They have to look like zombies so paint should do the trick. Paint does not cost that much so that us helpful as I’m on a low budget. I can’t just CGI zombies like Hollywood producers. I might have to buy microphones so you can hear actors from a distance for a scene or 2. Also I would have had to pay for a camera or 2 but the college will lend them to me for free meaning I don’t have to pay any money and they will also give me the editing software on a computer so I can edit it for free.

The definition of legal/ethical issues is ‘’Legal Ethics Law and Legal Definition. Legal ethics is the minimum standards of appropriate conduct within the legal profession. It is the behavioural norms and morals, which govern judges and lawyers. It involves duties that the members owe one another, their clients, and the courts.’’ The original website I got this from is What I’ve done is just before I created film and film idea, I did some research on what people like and dislike and I have gathered enough information to know that my film will be like. Hollywood producers do this all the time, that’s why there are loads of films similar to each other. Permissions is another one, say if I wanted to film in a college I would need permission to build there. My location didn’t need permission as I’m filming in public space however big Hollywood producers will need permission as they will film in a lot of places some begin private. I would have to make sure I use certain music, videos and pictures otherwise I’m going to have to pay money to the original owners or take it down. That’s called copyright. When creating the film I also have to acknowledge the BBFC guidelines otherwise all of our hard work would get ruined as they can take it down. The way I’m going to sell my film is release it on disk and get adverts on YouTube videos. This means a large amount of people will see that each day. I could also post it on social media and a trailer of it on YouTube its self.


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