post 5 (Target audiences)

Target audiences

The target audience is aimed at a group of people for a certain products such as films, games, TV and TV shows. There are many group categories that fall within target audiences. Some are age, gender and ethnicity/race. The reason why people have a target audience is because the product will not appeal to everyone so filmmakers target a certain audience for their genre and budget.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 10.42.39.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.18.45.png

By looking at the statistics you can see out of 1,978 people in Britain that the highest watched genre is Comedy at 64%, followed closely by adventure with 60%. By looking at the tables you can see some of the demographics of each genre, this includes gender, age, social class and parents. For example with comedy 56% of the male audience watch comedy and 69% of the female audience watch Comedy. The minimum age of the base sample is 16. Looking at the statistics I can see my films will go great because one of them, which is called Living Day, is an Adventure, Science Fiction and action. These are in the top 6 of most watched genres. For my other film which is called the house in the Forrest. The genre for that film is Thriller and Horror. This is a good combination for a target audience because they are both in the top 10. The target audience for my first film (Living Day) age is 14+ however I’ll have to set the film to 16+ as they will be swearing, violence and sexual scenes within the film. There is no specific gender for this film. It’s for people who enjoy violence, zombies, Parkour, adventure, action and sci-fi. Based on the statistics females under the age of 35 will more likely watch the living day rather then over 35 and men over the age of 35 are more likely to watch my film rather then under the age of 35. My target audience for the second film (the house in the Forrest) is people who enjoy horror films, people dying, maniac killer and stuff like that. The age for my film is 14+ however I will have to put it to a 16+ because it has swearing, violence scenes and more. Based on statistics men over the age of 35 will more like watch this film rather then men under the age of 35 and women under the age of 35 are more likely going to watch this film rather then women over the age of 35.


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