Post 4 (Film idea 2)

Horror film

Plan and pitch:

My pitch and plan is where people go on holiday to a house in a forest. 7 people are on this holiday and stay in a house. One person goes out to party and takes many drugs which turn her into a crazy person slowly slaughtering her friends 1 by 1 until 4 people are left. Then she locks the doors and blocks all the windows so there is no escape then perhaps violently abuses them making them have a painful death or letting them/some escape from the house.


This will be a horror/thriller film


The purpose of making this film and making this genre is because I know a lot of horror films are just terrible ghost or something like that so I wanted to make something best that can scare people and has a purpose to the film that will make sense.

Target Audience:

My target audience are people who enjoy horror films, people dying maniac killer and stuff like that. The age for my film is 14+ however I will have to put it to a 16+ because it has swearing, violence scenes and more.


I will want this film to be distributed across loads of cinemas in the world. I would also like the film to come out on DVD and blue ray. Then I will like my film to come out on the Internet.


Christian, Daniel, Jack, Meredith, Shay, Kurt and Jessica


7 friends go on a nice holiday (Which are Christian, Daniel, Jack, Meredith, Shay, Kurt and Jessica), living in a place no too far away from a lot of people. They stay in a house in the Forrest. Meredith likes going to parties and insists in saying home with the rest of her friends claiming they are very boring. She parties too much and takes tones and tones of drugs. She turns into a maniac and makes her way back to the house at night. Her friends are not aware that she is crazy from drugs and carry on playing a Pokémon board game. She slowly kills people 1 by 1 making it hell for everyone but acting innocent. Eventually it gets down to the final 4. She locks up all the doors and covers the window so there is no escape. She will brutally abuse them giving them the worst death they can think of. The people are petrified and are scared to even be seen by her sight. Her ex-friends come up with an idea to escape and take her down but do they succeed or do they fail and become a torture victim for her. The genre of this film is Horror and thriller.


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