Post 2 – (Film Trailers)


Analysis of film Trailers

The shining

The movie ‘’the shining’’ is a horror movie. It fit in as horror movies because of the codes and conventions. One of them is music which can create suspense, this has happened on multiple occasions. For example, when the kid is riding his bike and meets the 2 girls. He sees them dead and the camera also shows them alive. Soon after he closes his eyes and slowly reopens them. This creates suspense on its own, however soon after he wiggles his finger talking to himself while music plays very low. The music is there to make the audience feel like something is going to happen when nothing does happen.


It also fits in as they have good camera shots. They used close up when Johnny axed through the door and shouted ‘’Here’s Johnny’’ Just after it also does a close up on the women’s face on the other side of the door with the axe in camera shot to show what her emotions are and why they are like that.

50 first dates

5o first dates is a rom-com. When speaking about the codes and conventions I feel that 50 first dates fall under many categories and one of them is a happy ending. This film does have a happy ending as it shows at the end of the movie the woman waking up that has amnesiac wondering what is happening. She then looks at a video that tells her how she became amnesiac and shows her that she got married. She walks outside of her boat to where she is even more shocked. Her child comes to her where she becomes overwhelmed. The ending is a happy ending because even with the problem she has they are still together. Also by her having a kid is shows how long they have been a couple even with her condition.


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice is an action film. When talking about codes and conventions I feel that ” Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice ” falls under many category’s such as Clothing, Masks, Costumes, Weapons and Explosions and more. For Example of the Clothing, Masks and Costumes. The 2 main characters

have a costume to define who they are. Batman even has a mask that covers the whole of his face. Superman on the other hand just has a costume. Later on in the movie another character comes alone that is also a super hero that also has her own costume. This character is called wonder women and indeed has her own design. Here is some pictures of all of theses characters.


The film ”batman vs superman : Dawn of justice ” also fits in with the category of Super heroes and villains. Batman and Superman can be seen as a super hero or a villain at the start of the film as they both are fighting, and destroying a lot of buildings, cars and many more stuff. However a real villain comes into play within the movie called Lex Luther. He has no costume but just normal clothing. Another superhero as I have already talked about that is in the movie is wonder women. She is introduced into the film towards near the end to help defeat the evil creature that Lex Luther created to defeat Batman and Superman.


Gravity is a sci-fi film. When talking about codes and conventions I feel that ‘’ Gravity ‘’ falls under many categories such as Camera angles and camera shots. Gravity used a lot of fast panning shots and tracking shots in the trailer of gravity. For example there is this one part in the trailer where Sandra Bullock and holding on to the rocket for her life and behind her it shows destruction. Then the camera sweeps round with no cut/editing focusing on her and the destruction that is about to happen between the rocket and the satellite. This is classed as tracking shot. Watch from 2:10.

For an example of fast panning shots if you look at 24 seconds in the official trailer you can see how they used fast panning shots. The shots were down, up, vertical titled and more. The camera was also sweeping around and with no cuts it swept right towards her.


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