Post 1 – (Genres)

yellowThere are many genres in the film industries such as Action, Drama, Horror, Historical, Historical fiction, Adventure, Mystery, Saga, Political, Fantasy, Urban, Science fiction, Philosophical, Thriller, Western, Satire, Speculative, Romance, Magical realism and Surreal. Here are a couple examples of codes and conventions for genres.

Codes and conventions of a horror film

  • Suspense/Long suspense
  • Suspense leading to nothing
  • Dark lighting
  • Location (House, field, middle of nowhere, forest)
  • Late time
  • Intensity
  • Camera angles/ Camera shots
  • Creepy or dramatic and sometimes classical music
  • Quick movement
  • Script/content
  • Background noise
  • Jump scares
  • Creepy characters/unrealism
  • Animals
  • Lightning and Thunder
  • Random moving objects
  • How the camera is held (It can make the audience feel as they are in the movie)
  • No background sound (To make the audience focus on a certain voice/ object or noise)
  • SFX
  • Clothing/Masks

Another one is

Codes and conventions of an action movie

  • Location (In a field, in a house/building, in open area like town)
  •  Intensity
  • Camera angles/ Camera shots (
  •  Music fast pace and loud
  • Quick movement
  •  Script/content
  • Background noise
  • SFX
  • Clothing/masks/costumes
  • Explosions
  • Weapons
  • Fighting
  • Unreal abilities/super hero’s
  • Endanger people/ Endangered civilians
  • Villain
  •  Emotional scene/ relatable


Codes and conventions of sci-fi 

  • Camera angles/shots (Close up, Birds eye view, fast panning shots, tracking shots, long shots, 180 degree line camera shot)
  • Dark lightning
  • Script/content
  • Unrealism
  • Edgy and mysterious music
  • Location- anywhere that gets turned into a futuristic place
  • Hero
  • Villain
  • Time period (In the future) 
  • Types of characters-robots, happy/confused characters, aliens
  • SFX
  • Heavy Intensity
  • Fast movement
  • Futuristic technology
  • Futuristic weaponry


Codes and conventions of Rom-com

  • Location (Outdoors, in building)
  • Romantic scenes
  • Funny/comedic scenes
  • Often centred around a female
  • Normally male and female
  • Happy ending
  • Emotional scene
  • Aimed at female audiences
  • The characters separate then get back together
  • Set in urban areas
  • Sexual scene
  • Light lightning
  • Happy/sad music
  • The script needs to be about the genre

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